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About Matriks Biotek

Matriks Biotechnology is a medical biotechnology company founded by Prof. Haluk Ataoglu MD, PhD (Microbiology & Immunology) in 2002. He is an academic turned founder and CEO of the company. Company conducts research on life sciences and biotechnology, develops and offers its products at a global scale for helping people to lead a better life. The company is celebrated its 20th anniversary in the year of 2022.

Matriks Biotek® globally is the first company to produce and to commercialize ELISA kits to monitor biological drugs under the brand name of SHIKARI® since 2008 and with its products creating a world market for therapeutic drug monitoring for large molecules.

As indicated by published records in this field, measurement of trough levels of the patients receiving the drug enables us to understand the drug levels are at the optimal dose range or not is critical. If the dose is higher than optimal dose, dosing intervals can be adjusted for longer periods or the dose is reduced to gain optimal dosage. If there is loss of response (LOR) then trough levels will be measured below the effective dose and in this case, dose can be increased and anti-drug antibody (ADA) assay should be used to see if there is ADA that may lead to change to a different available biological drug. Monitoring biological drugs enable the valuable biologics to be used effectively and safely. Proactive biological drug monitoring also has immense importance on cost effectiveness, minimum of 10% in expenditure of biological drugs thus it has a very considerable impact on the economy. Also, offering tests along with the biological drugs may convince social security companies and governments if proper usage and cost effectivity is an issue. 

After the pandemic started, the company has done extensive research and developed the most informative “real quantitative” 16 CoronaHunter® ELISA kits which are unique in the market. Kits measures immunoglobulin G, A, M and E values to STRIMER, Spike S1, Spike RBD and Nucleocapsid proteins of Covid-19. Accurate determination of Immunoglobulin G, A, M and E antibody concentrations which are expressed as μgr/ml give the correct information that enables sustainable and harmonized results among the tests performed. IgE measuring kits are the only kits in the market to measure specific allergies to covid 19 proteins.

All kits are validated by using panel sera and various other sera obtained from The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC is the world's major producer and distributor of WHO international standards and reference materials). It is the first time The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control panel standard values are measured and expressed as µg/ml “absolute” values providing valuable information for comparisons and enabling harmonization of the results.

Recently by using CoronaHunter® COR-QNS-IGG-SRBD KIT we have measured the WHO international standards and reference materials’ “absolute values” of the 5 panel sera (20/268) and the results are given as µgr/ml to allow comparison and harmonization of the results between the laboratories.

Company has 91 different ELISA kits for 36 biological drugs and 16 different ELISA kits for the determination of Covid-19 antibodies in the market with a total of 106 products. These are the highest number and variety of products with highest quality and unique in these respective fields. Also, there are new kits in our pipeline under the SHIKARI® brand that will be launched in the coming days. There are over 160 publications that were written by using SHIKARI® and CoronaHunter® brands ELISA kits.

Matriks Biotek® is one of the rare biotechnology companies in the world positioning itself as an R&D company that allocates half of its revenue to R&D investments by conducting continuous R&D and selling its products directly or with qualified distributor partners with its own brand or through OEM agreements. 

Production is conducted with expert scientists in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 quality management system and the company has CE-IVD mark for all their products for Europe.

Our aim at the company is to focus on exporting products worldwide. Company is exporting more than 95% of its production over forty countries some of them namely USA, European Union, China, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan. The company also has provided its products over thirty pharmaceutical companies that are producing biosimilar drugs. Our company is open to institutional co-operations.