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Focused on understanding the mechanisms of the various diseases, discovery of new targets for diseasetreatment and diagnosis, Matriks Biotek® is consistently in the endeavor of adding new products to its pipeline.

Major specific areas of interest for biotherapeutics and novel markers for diseases are as follows:

  1. Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 Era: 
    Tools for better understanding the response to infections and vaccinations: Protection, inflammation, and immunodeficiency w/specific preference to Covid-19, long and repeating Covid-19 infections. Develop more products for better understanding the immune respond to disease and follow up for immune response with respect to inflammatory, autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiency  which may occur after infection and even after vaccination. 
  1. Biological drug monitoring: 
    Continue to expand product range and develop more informative kits. Collaborate with clinics, labs, research institutes and CRO’s for better understanding of trough levels of the biologics and cost effectiveness studies. Collaborate with pharmaceutical companies which are developing biosimilar or original drugs for PK and immunogenicity work. We are open to custom ELISA production for biosimilar and original drugs. 

    Develop algorithms to personalize biological drugs to each person to use their drug effectively and safely. Take preventive measures immediately e.g. when anti-drug antibodies develop and/or blood levels of the drug fall under trough levels. 
  1. Infectious diseases:
    Diagnosis of candida infections, 
    H2020 Phase1 EU project: A Nanotechnology Based Blood Culture Medium to Detect Invasive Candida in Bloodstream, Phase1 of the EU project has been completed and project will continue with Phase 2.

    Our company has developed monoclonal antibodies potentially to diagnose and/or candidate to treat fungal deep seated Candida sp.
  1. Infection, Inflammation and Autoimmunity:
    Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Development and validation of novel marker(s) in Crohn’s disease to enlighten the etiology, disease activity and distinguish it from Ulcerative Colitis. Our laboratory has various novel modalities to be used to resolve these challenges.
    Senescence and inflammation.

    Company also focuses on antibody markers for follow up of autism and other mental disorders during treatment. 

*Matriks Biotek®, SHIKARI®, KLONART®, CORONAHUNTER® and CANDIDAHUNTER® are registered Trademarks of Matriks Biotechnology Co. Ltd.