Major specific areas of interest for biotherapeutics and novel markers for diseases are as follows:

  • Inflammation ,Immunology and mental disorders
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Development and validation of novel marker(s) in Crohnis disease to enlighten the etiology, disease activity and distinguish it from Ulcerative Colitis. Our laboratory has various novel modalities to be used to resolve these challenges.
  • Senescence and inflammation.
  • Role of inflammation in cancer
  • Obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease: Our Company focused on developing monoclonal antibodies to prevent the disease and diagnosis. In this respect we have developed rat x mouse heteroma to study the disease in a obese mouse model and diagnostic parameters.
  • Infectious diseases
  • Our company has developed several monoclonal antibodies to diagnose and may be treat fungal Candida sp. Infections. Also working on a molecule to prevent hyphal growth of the yeast.
  • IVF: Separation system for healthy sperms from semen samples.
  • Oncology: Biological drug testing for cancer drugs

*Matriks Biotek, SHIKARI and KLONART are registered Trade Marks of Matriks Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Also interested in; Biopark like organizations in technology zones for reducing expenses for biotechnology companies and make the investment possible for the SME's in the region. Over all total cost save for funders and companies..


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