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Why Shikari® Kits?
  •           Each kit’s dynamic measurement range optimized for Cmax-Cmin (trough) values of the drugs. Also, researchers can also measure biological levels of the drugs in human, mouse, rat and monkey serum or plasma samples for pharmacokinetic studies.
  •           More than 160 publications has been made by using SHIKARI® ELISA kits. 
  •           All SHIKARI® ELISA kits are validated in compliance with international standards and easy to publish results.
  •           Quantitative ELISA kits for anti-drug antibodies (immunogenicity) with confirmation reagent available for 18 different biological drugs. Matriks Biotek® is the first biotechnology company which produced ELISA kits for Remsima® (Infliximab Biosimilar CT-P13). Kits for Remsima® includes quantitative free drug detection kits, qualitative Anti-Remsima® detection kits and total antibody detection kits for Remsima®.
  •           Total antibody kits have been developed to identify anti-drug antibodies that are bound by drugs in the serum and cannot be determined by free antibody detection kits. Matriks Biotek® developed total antibody detection kits for 3 different drugs: Infliximab (Remicade®, Remsima®) and Adalimumab (Humira®). These TOTAL kits also measure free anti-drug antibodies simultaneously allowing comparisons between total and free anti-drug antibodies giving semi-quantitative results. Kits are unique in the market. Total antibody detection kit development studies for different drugs are ongoing, please inquire. 
  •           Quantitative ADA detection kits include confirmation reagent to eliminate false positives when reporting the results. Unique in the market.
  •           Inter and intra assay CV to fulfill requirements for FDA & EMEA.
  •           High recovery rates (%85-115),
  •           Low sample volumes (10-25 µl) even if you have very small samples such as mouse serum
  •           All liquid and highly stabilized ready to use reagents.
  •           Delivery is at room temperature. Cost saver!
  •           The highest quality material used. 
  •           Microplates NUNC®, Perfect binding of proteins minimum %CV across the entire plate and perfect match with our proprietary blocking buffer almost no background with very long shelf life
  •           Plastic bottles Nalgene® very durable with perfect surface property
  •           Glass vials Schott® used for standard containers; vigorously tested.  No protein binding clear glass w/ cap when compared to other brands
  •           SHIKARI® ELISA kits are in 96 well format and you can run as much as 90 samples from each kit. 
  •           Time saver: Short incubation times for biologics testing (70-140 min)
  •           1 year expiry date 
  •           Short delivery times
  •           Project development for custom ELISA kits to measure PK and immunogenicity for your specific biosimilar or original molecule.  
  •           Kits are suitable for biosimilar work. Kits utilize recombinant human proteins ligand binding assay 
  •           No radioactivity
  •           All Shikari® ELISA kits are produced under ISO 13485 quality system and have CE IVD mark.